Billy Ho's Pub & Eatery
ReactNetlifyCMSStyled ComponentsGatsbyReact Spring

An informational website for a small bar and grill. Built with Gatsby, the site includes automatically rotating daily special on the home page and menu pages are generated automatically with data from NetlifyCMS. React Spring is used lightly to provide natural animations for mobile special menu and menu section navigation.

Oconomowoc Nursery School

A marketing and informational website built with Next.js. Besides general information about the school and its programs, the site provides a place for parents to download necessary forms as well as get updates on news, events and other announcements related to the school.


Lorem Ipsum Photography
ReactSCSSNext.jsFramer MotionCSS Modules

A sample website for a fictional photographer, featuring a portfolio with galleries, contact form and Stripe integration. Uses SCSS modules for component styling and Framer Motion for slick animations. Uses the Unsplash API to pull in photos based on Gallery Names.

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